Moralis backend coding installing for a api and database use case's

I have just a basic level use case question for setup . I’m using node.js and mongodb for my database and server. I’m still kinda of lost with the moralis thing so by just connecting to the moralis server I automatically have access to the api and a database. Do I then just implement the api calls and create a userschema then I’m good to go . Im kinda of new to backend coding so I really need some help here cause I basically have the frontend I’m just looking to structure the backend and turn it to a dapp

Hi, you could start to look at a tutorial to understand how it works, for example:

You can use Moralis web3api directly to get information about blockchain, or you can use Moralis server database to automatically sync transactions, balances, NFTs for your users, or you can create your custom databases in existing Moralis server database. Moralis server uses Mongo DB in particular as its internal database. You can also connect directly to that Mongo DB instance.