Moralis automatic sync not woking no nft historicals

this is really stressing me out today been dealing with bug, now i created a new sever and there is no automatic sync for historicals and nft and tokens balance

I think that it will automatically sync information for current users on that server.

there is one user and i have minted some token and even put them on sale
the sale contract i synced worked but the EthNFT owners does not display

Can you make a print screen of your dashboard?

thats an event i synced it show that item is on market but EthNft owners is not displaying
I tried creating new server same
the one that work earlier everything showed as i created the server and viewed for the first time

Are you sure the logged in user has the same address as the one that has the NFTs?

Can you try to create a new server and check it out
Normally when i create a new server i see alot of other automatically synced classes but now all that displays is Role and User
Whenever i create a new server

What is you server subdomain?

i.e server url?

Devs are investigating now

Ok thank you very much

Please any updates on the server

Problem should be fixed now in Moralis server version 0.0.259

Yea thanks would be waiting for the ‘moralis authentication’ fix

You mean this fix?

Wallet Message Bug is fixed
This is the new way of doing it
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