Moralis Auth profileId is derived/hashed from address?

Hi, I’ve noticed that Moralis Auth return the same profileId for requestMessage using a different project (Moralis API KEY) but the same wallet. I guess the profile Id isn’t random and it must be some way related to the address passing to generate the message to sign?

I’d like to know exactly how Moralis generate those profileId and how is the bound so you can have multiple addresses bounded to the same profileId. Is there any doc to go in details on how this works?

Also, how can I remove the authenticated user from the db? I cannot see how to remove it from Moralis dashboard UI.


Hi, I’ll have to ask the team for more details. From what I know you can not remove a user from Moralis dashboard UI. Most of the times you will do your own internal management for the users.

I don’t know now how that profile id is generated, when you join two addresses one of the profile ids will be removed from what I remember or a new one will be created for both of the addresses.

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