Moralis API (token_uri & metadata) is wrong

I am fetching the NFT details for the specific ERC721 token with the endpoint:

The response returned from Moralis for this NFT, indicates the following data

"token_uri": "ar://mjmZl24IPQWDCkAPOxfezdvmBf3Jo5v5oT_xhFCnI-0",
"metadata": null,

However, when reading the contract directly on PolygonScan at, calling the tokenUri function for tokenId = 0

It returns the following data:

"token_uri": "ipfs://QmbD6KK4Ha1HgipCpcRt6RYRD5mBWUxR8xeWYdne9Z5R8Y"

The metadata from the “token_uri” is also non-null

"metadata": {
  "name": "Anvil of Jericho",
  "description": "The Anvil grants lifetime access to Jericho. It can only be obtained after an application review and a validated apprenticeship period. Purchasing it on the secondary market won't grant access: The Anvil will be burned and money reimbursed.",
  "image": "ipfs://bafybeiaoqfn54pyggyzehxapidwks423fdekedoj2smpf2rbq4vevvylae/"

Wondering what is the best way to fix the “wrong” “token_uri” here on Moralis, when it differs from the contract itself

You could try and use the resync endpoint on the token uri and then on the metadata as well if you need it