Moralis API key, where to find it

Is it just me or is Moralis API super broken?

I try using the javascript code, but literally nothing happens. Endpoint never responds… wtf…

Then I try calling the “getAllTokens” endpoint on this page ( but even that doesn’t work.

Evety time I get the error " ```
“message”: “Invalid key”

even though I did add my key (tried with "Master Key", "CLI API Key", and "CLI API Secret". NONE OF THEM WORK)

omfg why is this so hard to use???

Docs don't help at all. Smh has this project been abandoned?

You can find the api key here:

You can also try the api functions directly in that interface.

I think people confused because of the naming.

On document it says “Moralis api key” or “MORALIS_API_KEY”
On dashboard it says “Your API key” or “Web3 Api Key”