Moralis Admin new server missing files

Hello everbody!

I had succesfully created a server and i was able to authenticate to it from Unity by scanning a QR code for Metamask. I later wanted to switch to a new chain, so i deleted the old server and created a new one. Now i fail to connect and i get the following error:

UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object)

First i tought it might be a problem with the chain, so i deleted the project and started over the EXACT same way as the first time. I did notice the following deviation when creating the server:

The first time that i created a server and opened the dashboard, the browser had the following files:

Now everytime i create a new server the exact same way the _AddressSyncStatus and _EthAddress files are missing.

Are these files important to connect from Unity?

How can i Fix my problem?

Please help.


I checked that url now for your server, by clicking on it, and it works fine.
The server doesn’t seem to have a problem.
Some tables are created first time when there is data added to them. That is why you don’t see all the tables when you open the dashboard for a new server.

Thank you for your response.

The server was fine indeed. After switching server I just needed to logout, before i could login again. The tables were automatically created again after a succesfull connection.

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