Moralis-admin-cli watch-cloud-file not working / syncing

Using the new format to sync cloud functions from local to server v0.0.247:

moralis-admin-cli watch-cloud-file --moralisApiKey --moralisApiSecret --moralisSubdomain --autoSave 1 -p cloud.js

But the server cloud file does not seem to update. Doing it manually at the moment.

Hey @matiyin

I’ve tested and it works without any problems.

moralis-admin-cli watch-cloud-file --moralisApiKey xxxx --moralisApiSecret xxxxxx --moralisSubdomain --autoSave 1 --moralisCloudfile

Then it will ask you to specify path:

E:\FRONTEND\Forum Support\Cloud\cloudfile.js

Let me know how it will work for you :man_mechanic:

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new syntax works :sweat_smile: