Mobile metamask signin

Does moralis authentication support mobile metamask authentication?

When I try to signin on my mobile device, nothing hapoens👀

I’m using the metamask app.

Hi @neridonk,

Could you paste your code here to see if we can diagnose the issue?
Also, Let us know which tutorial were you referring to create the authentication feature in your Dapp.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Code is OS

From the “crypto login” section in doc.moralis.

Demo can be found here :

Thank you

I’ve tried connecting your hosted website with metamask and it doesn’t connect there too. So, Its not a mobile specific issue.
I’ve used your exact logic in my sign in button code and it seems to work. Your logic code –

try {
            let user = Moralis.User.current();
            if (!user) {
                await Moralis.Web3.authenticate();

        } catch (error) {
            throw Error(error);

Perhaps investigate whether the onclick function is reaching this logic in the first place.

Also try using await here - let user = await Moralis.User.current();

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ohhh ah sry I’m ape, didnt try to debug firstly on my hosted site, thank your for your help!

Hm it looks like i still can’t login on mobiles cause it doesnt find my mobile metamask app…

Is it possible to use a walletconnect provider or else?

Does it work with your desktop browser though ?

Yeah works fine on desktop. You can try it out oon my demosite

Im having a similar issue but didnt get a response in my other post: Moralis for apps that want to use other providers beside metamask

is there a way to use another provider besides metamask? as most newbie crypto mobile users may not have metamask.
is it possible to use @truffle/hdwallet-provider with an encrypted private key store on the moralis db?
obviously it would only be used for very small transactions, for security reasons.

Yeah I’d love to see something like that or min.


We will add more wallets and more importantly WalletConnect in June.
For now we support Metamask amily.


Hi. Is it will be Upgrade for Mobile Login with WalletConnect in June?

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