Mobile browser support

Hello guys!

Let’s say I have a Moralis app running on a Moralis server.

I tried to access my Moralis server from my mobile using Brave. The “authenticate” button that calls the authenticate function from useMoralis did not trigger any Metamask at all.

I had to browse to my server URL through the web browser of the app Metamask to make it work.
Is it the expected behaviour?

Yes unfortunately that is true. The user experience on mobiles still has a lot to grow. This is for all web3 apps, not Moralis specific.

It is because of how metamasks work on mobile browsers. Your Brave browser is comparable with a desktop Brave browser without a metamask extension.

In order to do web3 interactions, you would need a browser with metamask. That is exactly what the metamask app on your phone is doing. In essence it is a browser with a metamask extension and some other features

Of course it would be great to have a metamask extension that you can add to a mobile Brave browser on a mobile. But as far as I know, this is not possible.

Ok thanks for the confirmation.

I found out that Metamask supports deeplinks.

In theory, in one click, one user can open a Moralis dapp in Metamask. It would be perfect.

In practice, I generated the link which supposedly wraps my dapp. So it opened Metamask for me but did not load the browser. :sweat_smile: