Missing token_uri AND metadata

Just noticed a new issue with some of my NFTs.
Using the NFT API, some return with token_uri null and metadata null.

I have been dealing with null metadata for ~4 months now but the URI issue is new, and is preventing me from working with the NFT and also from resyncing the affected items.

Previously Iโ€™ve been able to grab the relevant info using the URI if needed, but now I have no options

Affected NFT:
chain- BSC
contract - 0x8db96c06e9e0d04b8377643f325ec342a3693a14
id - 465


We are working on fixing a problem related to this. Even if you try to resync the uri I guess that it doesnโ€™t work now.

Thanks, ya trying to resync just gives a no uri error

As a temp workaround I could call the contract to get the uri each time but that will get very taxing for many NFTs

there is the option to resync the uri or metadata, you should get a different error message when trying to resync the uri

I get the following error with both options.

Also the Moralis index/database seems very slow to update the NFT info after a transfer is complete. It returns the old owner value long after a new owner has been assigned

meta err

We started to have a problem yesterday with the resync metadata endpoint. We will work on fixing it today.

Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata

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