Missing pair reserves on Etherium when token uses Uniswap 3

For most tokens on Etherium you have to use the uniswapv2 exchange with getPairAddress. However, there are a small number of tokens on uniswapv3

For those tokens - when you use the pairAddress reurned from getPairAddress - in getPairReserves - it never works.

An example…

Token : 0x763e23ab32a757caf751eb6659bff885111ac9f6
Block : 13950107
pairAddress : 0xf652ba140a5821c249d51a65a786c2f3d4461768
Call : https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/0xf652ba140a5821c249d51a65a786c2f3d4461768/reserves?chain=eth
Result : 400 / “No reserves data found for pair”

However, looking at https://info.uniswap.org/#/pools/0xf652ba140a5821c249d51a65a786c2f3d4461768 clearly shows this is not the case.

This is true for many other examples.

Thanks, Bret

Hi @SingingSnail

I don’t know how do the uniswap processes the data, but what I can see on the etherscan there is no liquidity in that pair:


Please could you share others with liquidity?

Your right - what about this one?..

Block : 13951374
Token : 0xefe6ba7e126197464ac88992751a59fb81764268
Pair : 0xcda85384647df5b777b7843e2a2d908f4adba867

thanks, we will investigate