Missing NFTOwners Items


I’ve been affected by the missing NFTOwners issue that others are reporting. For a period of time my mainnet server hasn’t been recognising new NFT items for my users and loading them into the NFTOwners table.

I have upgraded the server version and NFTOwners now appear to be populating again. But I have missing records for the time period this wasn’t working. I need to populate these, as a complete record of NFTs for my users is central to our dapps.

Can you suggest a way to recognise the missing items? They are all present in the NFTTransfers table. In the past Moralis has suggested adding a watch for a wallet or running this as a job but this has never worked. Essentially I am looking for a way to refresh the NFTOwners table information for a given wallet address or addresses.


Found a way, this works: const results = await Moralis.Cloud.run("watchBscAddress", {address: "address goes here", "sync_historical": true})

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