Missing NFT from web3api

I am using Web3 API and get the all NFT list of certain address by calling /{address}/nft API.
But there is one missing NFT.

From polygonscanner, the account user “0xb71b7fa59634980c416279a66066772c9dfbc3b6” has 1 NFT with token id 1 (https://polygonscan.com/token/0x7679667fac0e5bb4833eb698f432bfbd5315de47#balances)
But from Web3API, I couldn’t find the NFT. Except the NFT(0x7679667fac0e5bb4833eb698f432bfbd5315de47), other NFT show fine.

As you can see from polygon scanner, I confirmed that the account definitely has the NFT. I think somehow it didn’t indexing properly. How can I solve this problem? Is there any other way to get all the NFT list from a certain account instead of web3api?
Thank you.

you can sync a contract in case that it is not already indexed:


=> /nft/{address}/sync => Sync a Contract for NFT Index

Thank you for reply. I did several times 4 hours ago. But I didn’t see anything differences. In addition, from the response of {address}/NFT, it said, “status”: “SYNCED” which mean sync is done?

Can you try to list the token ids for that particular smart contract?

you mean, by /nft/{address} web3api? Yes, it works fine and can retrieve all the token its with metadata correctly.
FYI, by /nft/{address}/owners, still the one of token id(=1) owners is missing. But by polygon scanner and opensea, the token have 3 owners, but got 2 owners from web3api. Something is wrong with the result.

You can check by yourself, the NFT contract address : 0x7679667fac0e5bb4833eb698f432bfbd5315de47

The token id with problem : 1

3 owners from Opensea and polygon scanner, but got 2 owners only from web3api.

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