Missing getPairReserves for all (?) tokens on BSC before 2021-10-18

It appears that all token data (from whet I’ve tested) is missing before 2021-10-18 on BSC.

For example…

Token : SpaceCowBoy
Contract : 0x0d36cc179019db9a65aa3b85db59e4bb52df0b12
Exchange: pancakeswapv2
Pair Address : 0x8d5fbc212fc28da7b2682cfbd5ad2f42b8fd5540

… “message”: “No reserves data found for pair”

… “reserve0”: “5669588467242958563554”
… “reserve1”: “371563655890108618389”

I’ve tested around 20 tokens - and it appears to effect them all.

I think that I know what is the problem, you may also not be able to get the price for a date older than that

What? I could up to a couple of days ago. I’m doing a lot of historical analysis at the moment - this would be a disaster! I’ve spent the best part of a month pulling of data for a paper - and this would kill that dead.

Is there a work around?

Hi there - after yesterdays rather upsetting news - I have a couple of follow-up questions to ensure I’m not caught out again…

  • is the loss of historical data permanent?
  • is there a work around that you’re aware of?
  • does this new policy (?) effect all the chains - or just BSC/pancakeswap?
  • is 2021-10-18 fixed as a start date for price history - or is this a rolling ~3 month window?
  • was this change announced somewhere and I missed it?

Thanks, Bret

we plan on fixing that loss of historical data

it is only specific to BSC

Do you have a rough ETA so I can plan my work? I can move to to a different part of the project if it’s going to be a while.

I would expect it to be fixed this week

Excellent - a big relief :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for the quick updates (as usual).
You can close this call.