Missing event on db - sync


application id: N69Q1TaOlmb2Pxn6d9CnXigLRAJQZnZWayVfeqGS

I’m using Sync and Watch Contract Events (sync history is disabled on this one)

one of the events class has a missing item

when I check from web3Api it is there so the event was fired. here are the screenshots
you can see on the api for epoch 18 there are two events, but on the database/class there is only 1

so as my frontend depends on moralis db, missing that entry on db shows wrong output to the users

what can I do about this?

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Hello again,

I now have missing events for the last hour again.

would this resync if we wait?

I really need support on this issue.

Our entire frontend depends on moralis database from the events


on what chain, can you share your server url/subdomain? is this one: quuyig3jhauq?


on binance smart chain

ok, it looks like it was a problem with BSC api requests recently, can you check if the missing events are starting to be added or they are just skipped and only new events are added?

thanks I think they all came back

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