Miss ERC1155 NFT ownership

Hi I have a problem with get NFT ERC1155 from api

curl --location -g --request GET โ€˜https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/0x4b155C19498D104B190267bC13ed16680bB3701A/nft?chain=bsc&format=decimal&token_addresses[]=0x7cdd6007880e2c92a59817ca11e413014a7a7575โ€™

It returns empty data, but when I check on smart contract, it has one NFT

Please help me this case

Hi there are some issues with the API currently and the team is working to get it resolved. Thanks for reporting your particular example, I see itโ€™s still not returning anything.

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it looks like it returns 0 now in bscscan interface? did you already transferred that token?