Mismatch owners of contract

Hello guys, i need some help
i use API Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTOwners() to get owners of contract, but data response seem to be out date when compare with OpenSea.
Moralis data return 687 owners, but OpenSea is 688 owners.

The Contract i use to test on Polygon chain, address is 0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119. TokenID is 1

Please help me to find out why

what is the exact problem that you see, what is the expected owner and what is the result that you see?

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({address:"0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119", token_id: "1", chain: "matic"})


{token_address: '0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119', token_id: '1', block_number_minted: '14768327', owner_of: '0x0008d343091ef8bd3efa730f6aae5a26a285c7a2', block_number: '17703137', …}

I want to known who is the owner of tokenId = 1 in the contract 0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119, chain Polygon, so i use API Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTOwners().

after execute getNFTOwners(), the response show me that there are 687 owners.

But when i check total owners of this contract on OpenSea, there are 688 owners

the problem is the differences between 687 owners (MORALIS) and 688 owners (OPENSEA)

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getNFTOwners({"address": "0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119", chain:"matic"})
{total: 5176, page: 0, page_size: 500, result: Array(500), status: 'SYNCED'}

you filtered the owners by token_id 1 after that?

I add β€œoptions” when call API, here is my code
const options = {
address: β€œ0xba3c9879fca47015558065adb44cad5e9fe3e119”,
token_id: β€œ1”,
chain: β€œpolygon”,
offset: offset,
limit: 500
const tokenIdOwners= await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdOwners(options);

I increase offset (offset += pageSize) until get all of owners data