Minting within Unity

Hi there, currently using the moralis SDK for unity and I can link my metamask wallets on Polygon test network. I was wondering how to call a mint function from a contract I have already deployed.
So the user opens a chest, calls the smart contracts mint function and the transaction process starts.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess once you have connected your unity to Moralis Web3 SDK, you should be able to call the smart contract functions to mint you NFT.

like @johnversus said, Thanks btw john :raised_hands:

You basically have to call a smart contract function for minting, you can take a looka t the boilerplate

Take a look at calling smart contract functions with gas

And this should be the typically code snippet that may need some tweaks and it should resemble

public string ABI;
public long value = 70000000000000000;
public async void MintNFT()
        MoralisUser user = await MoralisInterface.GetUserAsync();
        string addr = user.authData["moralisEth"]["id"].ToString();
        MoralisInterface.InsertContractInstance("LOL", ABI, "eth", "0xECEB6268F75174887a233112fc8bB9F8149CE45D");
        // Set gas estimate
        HexBigInteger gas = new HexBigInteger(80000);
        string senderAddress = addr;
        object[] pars = {1};
        string resp = await MoralisInterface.SendEvmTransactionAsync("LOL", "eth", "mint", senderAddress, gas, new HexBigInteger(value), pars);

So this should allow you to call the mint function from the abi passed from the unity inspector
and to give more insights, this code was made to mint from
with the abi provided there

Thanks for the info, will test it!