Minter_Address not populating for NFT minted on Sepolia

We just noticed single NFTs minted are now returning a null Minter_Address whereas two months ago it would correctly return the address that minted the NFT. We are using the same contract as two months ago, so I don’t see the contract as being the cause. So, what would cause Moralis not to pick up the Minter of the NFT? And is the Minter_Address field one we can rely on when we move to Mainnet?

Hi @SteveCryptan, can you please share some examples of contracts where you are not getting the minter address?. On Eth mainnet the minter_address field is already live and returning the minter address for ERC721 contracts.

@j0n4 this is the contract on Sepolia we are using

I also checked a random nft and saw that the minter_address wasn’t recorded for it either. The eitherscan link is:
NFT contract: 0x283d075a7d603eecc45F7cc0C91742cF1129Be4f
TokenID: 23