Mint the NFT inside the rarible smart contract

I watched all the videos from the Cloned Rarible in 24hr series, an amazing job! And also within 24 hours I could make my NFT platform, but there were some doubts that I’m solving here on the forum.

One question I’m getting confused about is Rarible option to allow users to create their own NFT.

Could someone explain to me how this works? Thx

Hi @victorsalatiel,

Very lovely to hear that you are enjoying the tutorial series.

Could you please elaborate on this question more? Do you want us to explain how ERC1155 works or would you like to know how NFTs are minted (ERC1155 or ERC721)? Or something entirely different?

The more specific your question, the easier it is for us to answer.

Looking forward to your response. Have a nice day. :slight_smile: