Mint NFT with moralis for Avalanche CChain

Hi, I would like to upload word files to IPFS and then mint its metadata to create NFTs on avalanche testnet (cchain) using Moralis. I am ok with the file upload steps but not sure what to do about minting the NFTs for Avalanche testnet.

I would appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks.

what is the problem what you have with minting?

what is different than doing a normal mint like on eth network?

Thanks for your reply. I will explain. If I write a smart contract on Avalanche and mint my tokens with Ethereum standard 721 or 1155, would that be compatible? I have not tried but wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing.

I would expect it to work without problems.


yes it should be @farhan.qureshi, Avalanche C-Chain is EVM, so any code that is compatible with Ethereum should be compatible with Avalanche C-Chain (and of course, other EVMs).

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