Mint in cloud function

Hi, I want to create my own wallet in cloud function and perform host side mint operation. According to my researches I need to use web3.eth.accounts.signTransaction. What does the private key parameter that I will use in this function mean? how can i generate private key?

You get a private key when you create a new eth address/accout. Also it is not recommended to do this in cloud functions for security reasons (you do not want your private key on the internet)

When I run the mint function on the client side, I can see the transactions in the PolygonNftTransfers table. However, when I perform a mint transaction on my own wallet in cloud funtion, the mint operation seems to be successful, I can see in polygonscan with returned transaction hash. However, the records for the mint operation in the cloud function do not appear in the tables. I am using the following function in cloud for Mint. I request your help.

const transaction_data = await web3.eth.accounts.signTransaction(

const transaction_receipt = await web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(
);'Hash: ' + transaction_receipt.transactionHash);
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in what tables it should appear?

PolygonNftTransfers table.

if the transaction is on chain, with a specific event, it should make it to that table