Migrate a classic website to solana using Moralis

We are having a job portal platform. where a recruiter will be posting the jobs and job seekers will be applying for the jobs.
There are much more actions involved but gist is this.

Stack used is Bootstrap4 + Node js + mongo and some regular AWS services.

can we do it with Moralis? Any link or video for this?

I don’t understand the connection with solana from the title.

its just a blockchain that we want the transactions to be stored in when we migrate our application.

ok, I just didn’t see solana mentioned in you questions.
we are working on integrating solana
do you have your own server from where you run node js on server side and from where you access some AWS services or you want to run everything from a Moralis server?

in a Moralis server you have mongo db and you can use cloud functions to access various services

some tutorials: