Metaversesdk / web3unity

Hello, I just came across this boilerplate, and i would like to say thanks! I’ve been looking for a solution and i believe this could be. At the bottom of this, it says for any help with this to contact this forum, so here i am lol.

Could i please get a general overview of it? I have built a unity world and in the works of games, but do not understand how to connect them. This seems to be the connection. But how do i make land blocks and avatars as the nft and connect them? if that makes sense… if not, please let me know.

Could this be used for a private blockchain on the ETH network?

Thanks in advance.

Hey you can ask about the unity sdk/boilerplate in here Ethereum Unity3D Boilerplate Questions, you can talk to the dev directly :raised_hands:

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as you can tell i’m a noob lol. thank you!

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