Metadata does not update

Hi all. How tf to get token metadata to update in Moralis?


address: “0x7441EB02527d1c997Baf7484cc9deeDA55d9FadC”,
chain: “Mumbai”,
token_id: 4

The CORRECT value for " “Last Picked APPLE” is: 1653451014

The value displayed by Moralis is: 1653328269

Even after calling “reSyncMetadata” I get the incorrect result… wtf??

this is what I get: \"trait_type\":\"Last Picked APPLE\",\"value\":1653451014}
where did you see that 1653328269?

In every api call I always see the incorrect value, 1653328269

Maybe the free plan doesn’t update anything?

I am so confused. I am getting the old data- always

What endpoint are you calling???

@cryptokid hello?

what endpoint are you calling?

I am getting only incorrect data still…

This Moralis API is NOWHERE near ready for real production use sadly. I am extremely disappointed… :cry:

I used this directly in web3api interface:

it the equivalent of getTokenIdMetadata

what endpoint were you calling?