Metadata cache not working

Seems the metadata cache on NFT seems to be failing pretty consistently on polygon. (confirmed working on opensea)

Contract: 0xaa8c6b9d67149439680b67ce395c4ac2d233b6de
token ids: 41051, 41407, 41347, 41328, 41185, 41184, 41052 and many more.

Many of our features rely on being able to see the metadata.

Can you tell us which API endpoint has this issue.

We will investigate this. Will get back today with an update.

endpoint getNFTsForContract

41051, 41184, 41052 are returning valid data. If the metadata is null, you can use reSyncMetadata to update them.

But tokens 41407, 41347, 41328, 41185 donโ€™t seem to exist if these are queried on your contract e.g. with tokenURI function (โ€œURI query for nonexistent tokenโ€). Where have you gotten these IDs from?