Medium clone Hardhat

Hey guys
I’ve just started the new Medium clone tutorial on the Moralis academy.
I firstly did npm i -D harhat in the terminal and then I did npx hardhat and I’m not getting the same thing as the fella in the video. I’ve never used hardhat before so this bit is new to me.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Did you get these files as shown in the tutorial? If yes you can proceed to the next step

Hey @johnversus
I have config-overrides.js
Would this file be the same as yours just called a different name??

did you run npm i -D hardhat in the project folder?
I think it should create a node module folder as shown in my image.

npm i -D hardhat and npx hardhat should be run same project folder

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What is inside the smartcontract folder?

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Yes i did npm i -D hardhat and ok i dont have node module folder so i might need to delete what i have and redo it again?

Yes, Please try again. But it should have worked on the first attempt as well.

Make sure you are using the correct folder paths as shown in the tutorial.

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