Meaning of 'status' field in response to /{address}/nft

Hello. I’m somewhat of a newbie in blockchain, so I need some explanation on how things work.

I’m using GET /{address}/nft endpoint to get all NFTs owned by specific wallet address.
I have a ‘status’ field in response that indicates whether address is synced or syncing.
I have some questions though:

  1. What does ‘syncing’ status mean? Does it mean that not all NFTs are possibly present in the response right now? which leads to:
  2. If the address is ‘synced’, does this mean that all NFTs owned by address are present in the response?
  3. Can the status change from ‘synced’ to ‘syncing’ after some time passes?
  4. If point 1 is true, what should a developer do in order to get the wallet address synced? Should I call PUT /nft/{contract_address}/sync endpoint for every smart contract address that I want to index ownership of?

If you have any further questions, I’d happy to answer them.

If you have a new smart contract that was deployed recently, then you have to add it to sync only once. That sync will be triggered by various api functions, including the sync contract one. After the contract was synced once, for now you can only use resync metadata per token id if you want to get the updated version of the metadata in case that the metadata changed for that token id.

Thanks for the reply.
Point 1-3 are not addressed though.
I can rephrase them into two, actually:

  1. Syncing/Synced status in response - what is the difference (when it comes to wallets NFT ownership status, but not smart contract)?
  2. Can a synced contract / wallet become unsynced (somehow)? Or it would stay synced no matter what after you’ve triggered sync for it?

I’ll have to ask the team about the first question

you can not trigger sync for a wallet address, and for a contract, if it is not indexed then you will not get NFTs from that smart contract when you query the NFTs for a wallet address

for example for a wallet address I get this response for /{address}/nft endpoint:

  "total": 0,
  "page": 0,
  "page_size": 500,
  "cursor": "",
  "result": [],
  "status": "SYNCED"
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Thank you.
Waiting for the response on the ‘synced/syncing’ question.

any updates on the first question?

I don’t have updates yet