MATIC/POLYGON setup question

Hello there!

When setting up a token on the MATIC/POLYGON chain, do we need to use Moralis speedy nodes at the first setup to gain access to use the SDK and other tools needed for connecting & making dAPPS?

Do the speedy nodes make the data work with the SDK?

Can the SDK be setup and used with an existing token or does it need to be done from the first day of deployment?


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Hey @codycode, not sure what you mean to setup a token, but if you want to deploy your own token you can use Moralis speedy nodes to do that, and you don’t need to use Moralis speedy nodes for using the SDK, the SDK can be used for integrating your frontend with your smart contracts though~

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Hello @codycode

  1. If you are using truffle/hardhat etc. for deploying your token contract you can use the speedy-nodes as RPCs.
  2. SDK is not connected to your speedy-nodes. It’s connected to your server by default
  3. I’m not sure if I got your question correctly. Moralis and Moralis SDK can be used with all deployed contracts on supported blocckhains

Hi there! Thanks for the replies. Speedynodes are not needed for the SDK to function?

In that case how does the server get the data from users of our token? When they login using our server? I’m confused how moralis gets data on the tokens users and history.

Thanks very basic question about how to ensure we setup the right way from the start.

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I suggest you take a look at:

These videos will help you understand how does it work generally

Thanks for the videos, I have checked both videos, and really probably less clear. I have also read all the documentation.

What I don’t get it is:

If we create a new polygon token, and users use the mainnet RPC, then how does their data show for us? Most users using Metamask will use the Polygon main RPC servers.

And how are the database and the RPC connected? Because in that video Ivan says RPC’s are primitive, and that Speedy nodes are not, but then I can’t work out why both wouldn’t be needed for the transaction data to work properly.

Maybe I am stupid… :sweat_smile:

Sometimes a web3api call will connect to a node, like runContractFunction, but that will be an abstraction made by the sdk and you don’t have to specify a node RPC address in that case, you will be calling a function in Moralis SDK and it will handle the rest.

The data that is on chain will be processed by Moralis almost real time and relevant data will be saved in a database. So what when you make a call to a web3api function from the SDK the information will be extracted from a database and not by making queries to the node every time.

OK got it, thanks for putting it clearly for me, I feel more confident in it all now. Thanks!