Marketing group brinnging in someone other then devs

After two weeks, there hasn’t been a single online disagreement with anyone in the group. oN MY BEHALF. When someone asks a question, I try to help as much as I can, even going out of my way to get them test tokens. I built my own platform for NFTs web3 using Laravel, and I had no idea what web3 was and still don’t. I’m not much of a programmer, and I don’t see the point in creating wallets and bots. I’m a sucker for numbers and profits. I’m not here to play games, though I did make one. I designed software and had it built for me, and as a result, I was banned from Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, as well as censored.

It was known as the “troll alert.” When an adult begins stalking a child’s social media platform, it will send an alert. Notify the platform’s parents and administrators. I had to buy ten social media platforms, such as Facebook, to get the wire frame just right. It worried Facebook, and because they run the world online, I was banned, and they made sure no one looked at the software I spent a lot of money developing.

Here I have kept to myself. I built the site, connected my servers and nodes, created the accounts they instructed me to, watched the videos, and am now preparing to launch my own program after 5 years.

Finally, after not sleeping for two days and with crippled hands, I am insulted online by a dev, and when I fight back after four incidents, the admin, rather than doing it privately, comes and sides with the dev, allowing the dev to delete those messages to make it appear as if I am the troublemaker. And level 7 is not a problem in those two weeks. Which is what I reached because of my excitement to be part of this. I believe it will be and can be great.

I offer to help anyone and ask for nothing in return, and they let level 5 come and attack me because he is a developer and this is a developer platform.And of course the King as he calls himself will always side with his queen. It’s not right, and what happens when it’s all developers? There will be a circle of dev money that will circulate, and no one will ever profit.

So I left the group for the night, shut it down, and slept . I got up to find out that four of my guys and girls thought it was hilarious. It’s amusing to mock someone with bad hands who is attempting to do something good. I apologize.

Then I think to myself “Wait, this kid has been a programmer his entire life,” He’s clearly been a ton more than I have in length and only level 5. Meaning he would have friends the way he and the others decided to belittle me some more in public instead of being professional and doing it in private in the real world they would have been fired.

He and hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as i have . He’s just talking. I have not caused any problems for anyone. The adolescent has been involved in a few online brawls. Who would you choose? It’s unfortunate that being a developer and only wanting developers could be what stops the growth of something good. I am sure it is embarrassing when someone that is not a dev can do your job for you. I will put money on it right now. I gave the template, I have the frame and admin panel. He cannot complete the task making it fully funciuton in two days. Here are those files.
There is no reason to attack someone because they think differently than you and then again who wants someone that has to erase what they said and be a coward in front of the whole group on the team. That shows us how strong the team is

People who are not devs are needed, but the devs vs. the world thing is not cool because it is not cool to side with a liar whether he is a dev or not. Especially when the guy doing his job alone is doing a better job. That should tell you what kind of developer the speaker is. I propose a non-technical team, such as a promotion team. Be fair and don’t make fun of someone because they have a disability. And cant promgram kike you team up with them and have them rprmote you .

Hello Moralis Marketing!

I am sure you have big plans already, but I wanted to see if I can make a connection.

I came across a Reddit post from a Gaming Youtube channel/Podcast interested in learning about NFT’s and gamification from someone who understands things well. I thought of this post and thought maybe it is something you would be interested in. Thanks for everything!

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