Market cap and holders count

I started using your API to get data of BSc/ETH tokens. I would like to get information about the current market cap and holders amount, can you add this functionality to your API service? also, I need to calculate real “circulating supply” which is (total supply - burned and - all other tokens which are not in circulating supply).

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Hi @remixtedi,

We do not have that API service for “Ciriculating Supply” just yet but you can always query the contract and have a cloud function that calculates the real circulating supply.

We will push this suggestion to the devs to include a circulating supply service in the WEB3 API. However, It will be a little complicated because alot of tokens have their own custom burning and minting logics. So, right now I would suggest you to stick to your own logic to calculate it.

Hope this helps.

Happy BUIDLing ! :man_mechanic: