Manually Adding Users

So Im working with a project that is using a mobile app, they preferred to create their own wallet, so private key is stored in device. Then they user ethers.js to load the wallet to app, to perform actions…

We are going to user Moralis to keep track of balances and transaction history.

Issue is that Moralis does not support ethers.js yet. Tried to convert to web3 but not possible at the moment.

So, bascially I just need to use Moralis without authentication, just want to add user ETH addresses to the database so it automatically fetches user balances and transactions.

Any way to manually add user addresses without users having to authenticate?


Hey @f.gomez

For tracking wallet addresses you can create a cloud function that calls the watchEthAddress cloud function.

Take a look at

Hope this will help :man_mechanic:

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Thanks a lot! just FYI, there is a bug here…

I think sits Polygon, not Matic…

Once I add the watched address to Moralis, it should automatically start syncing balances and transactions? Because I 5 min later I still dont see any balances for the address I added…

Nevermind! It was my fault! I had a wrong address. It works perfectly and updates! Thanks