MagicLink, invalid hash error when trying to do an ERC20 transfer with Moralis.transfer

In my case, I am using magic link as my authentication, and when I try to transfer a token
Error: invalid hash (argument=“value”, value=null, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=providers/5.6.0)
this error,
and my transfer token code

const handleTransfer = async () => {

    const options: any = {

      type: "erc20",

      amount: Moralis.Units.Token(2000, 18),

      receiver: "0x9c9691367A02F77970C49f258FB83c4425A40BF9",

      contractAddress: "0x1c668fDe99B318E37Bbd69753942F2598231299E",

      awaitReceipt: false,


    await Moralis.transfer(options)

      .then((e) => {

        alert("sucesfully transfered");


      .catch((e) => {




    await fetchTokenBalances();


magic auth code

const handleCustomLogin = async () => {

    if (!isAuthenticated) {

      await authenticate({

        provider: "magicLink",

        email: email,

        apiKey: "pk_live_4423", // Enter API key from Magic Dashboard

        network: "binance smart chain",



    console.log("user already logged");