Looking for APIs for specific need

Hello Team,

I am looking for APis to get below information about NFTs. Would you please point me if those are available?

NFT’s Minting Now
Trending Sales

Thanks in advance


You can find reference to the APIs in the documentation here:

I hav gone through it. I could not find it. Posted here just to make that i am not missing anything

Ahh I’ve simply listed all the NFTs you can use alone or in combination to achieve your target data.

Your requirements are still somewhat vague.

NFT’s Minting Now ?
What NFTs minting now ? All NFTs in a chain ? Or All NFTs from an ERC1155 for example ?

Trending Sales
What Market ? Which Sales ?

The solution could be made up of many APIs but I expect you would have to use some of the APIs provided only by the blockchain explorer itself.