LOGICjs is not working

logic.js’)%20%7D%7D:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Those characters after logic.js, how did they get there?

i dont know i downloaded it ready made

I mean that in the error that you show it looks like you tried to access logic.js’)%20%7D%7D:1 instead of logic.js, so what is the exact name of the file that you try to access?

i am trying to create own nft using moralis https://youtu.be/WdQHnb_5m5Q
when i try to connect metamask it says this error

Ok, now I understand more, this would be the JS file you are talking about: https://github.com/DanielMoralisSamples/19_MINTNFT/blob/master/app/static/js/logic.js

And here is the application code on GitHub: https://github.com/DanielMoralisSamples/19_MINTNFT

You can double check what is different on your local files and what is in that repository.

it is the same but still the error is appearing

Please check server info you provided. It should be like there:

If it will not solve your problem - please share with us your github repo :raised_hands:

i did put these in its still giving me the error

i didnt put nft_contract_address where can i get this

You have comments in code:

Available deployed contracts
Ethereum Rinkeby 0x0Fb6EF3505b9c52Ed39595433a21aF9B5FCc4431
Polygon Mumbai 0x351bbee7C6E9268A1BF741B098448477E08A0a53
BSC Testnet 0x88624DD1c725C6A95E223170fa99ddB22E1C6DDD

Can you share your html code?

i downloaded it straight from (https://github.com/DanielMoralisSamples/19_MINTNFT)

Ok, this should be the line that loads that js file: https://github.com/DanielMoralisSamples/19_MINTNFT/blob/1c3f98839e5b0f6f891052b3e0cf9585e5378ab9/app/templates/index.html#L53

I guess that you could have started with an easier tutorial that has a simple html and not using flask.