Locally hosted limit orders

So first off hi! im new here and looking for some guidance from the wizards of the moralis…

Im working on a plugin/browser extension for web3 wallets that will allow you to locally control your limit orders in browser without having to use dapps like 1inch and zerion.

I would also like to provide the user with in app analytics for their wallet, such as customized snapshots of the wallets and defi protocols they have interacted with, such as pools or lending programs, to add to the anylitics.

now this is my first coding project ever so im pretty much learning as I go, and im trying to figure out where to start. Ive got a webpage going with a bit of css. But i need, i think, the following things

1; scrape market data to provide analytics, balances, price info, and exchange rates
2; access to the wallet (connect to metamask, etc)
3; connect to swapper dapps (lets say uniswap to start, but my goal is to run this thru mistX for the most part for their anti frontrunning qualities)
4; GUI 's for the apps in browser.

theres probably alot more that i need, so where should I start?

Hi - great use case!

You get all data about user holdings via Moralis if you use Moralis sign-in features (https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-sdk/crypto-login).
Start figuring that part out.

Then you need to connect to some API for limit orders, I don’t know of any without doing more research, if you want market order via DEX you can use Paraswap or 1inch https://paraswapv2.docs.apiary.io/#reference/0/get-rate-for-a-token-pair

The GUI you can do with React and Moralis easily.

Good luck!

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thank you sir! ill check it out immediatly.

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