Localhost - web3API

Hey guys,

What’s going on with the web3API ?
You have nice documentation about how to connect with ganache etc and then in the forum you say that web3API isn’t supported in localhost anymore ?

What’s the point of using ganache if you can’t use web3API with it ?

you can use ganache to deploy a smart contract, to sync events in db, and so on, you can use web3api with a different network as parameter, but not with ganache as the chain

but web3api calls don’t work with ganache network now, you can use a testnet after you have your smart contract ready

If i want to test interaction with the chain, i need to be connected to a test-net.
Web3API is supporting devChain, only moralis api (on top of the web3API) isn’t supporting it …
It’s weird. A lof of documentation should be remove.
Doesn’t make sense to talk about ganache and hardhat when you can’t interact with it with the moralis web3 api …

what are you referring to by web3api, web3api is not same thing as using web3, you can use web3 with local devchain without problems

I talking about moralis web3, not the standard web3 (my bad)
It’s just that if i want to use some of the great apis of moralis in local, it’s not possible. I need to rebuilt it my self :frowning: