Live error free and working deployment of the Morarable - Rarible - Clone

A relatively non technical question of sorts. Wondering if it’s possible that anyone in the forum could post a link to a live working deployment of an NFT Marketplace - platform built using the Morarable - Rarible Clone.

Honestly - Having found Moralis, im besides myself with joy. Really an amazing set of features and functionality that is sure to accelerate dApp development moving forward into the defi space. Incredible really, and amazing work. The tutorials as well… The Devs well spoken, clear - concise - highly knowledgeable, easy to follow and understand, I could go on and on. In short: Bravo.

The only thing im interested in knowing is when will you be deploying your own token - which we would all need for gas fees… to participate on the Moralis Blockchain. :slight_smile: Please add me to the whitelist when the presale starts… just a humble boy who would like to be incredibly wealthy one day because he found the Moralis team and bought their coin before anyone realized what was going on. Moralis to the moon, :slight_smile:

In any event… back to the question… Can anyone share a finished deployment? I too would like to build an NFT platform considering this as its solution, and was curious to see the working end result possibilities. Yours truly - new fan. Deus.

Hi @iamdeus

Thank you for such warm feedback.
We aren’t considering releasing a token at the moment, but you will be the first to know if you will stay active in our Moralis community :mage:

Best regards
Dmitry :man_mechanic:

You are Welcome. Thank you Yomoo.

Please do consider me the first to join any effort - your team might be involved in, such an amazing bunch of developers. By the way, Ive done quite well for myself professionally - and not looking for a job, however - wondering if there is any way at all to become involved, salary range required: Free :slight_smile:

I would be pleased to play a part in marketing effforts, basic code support, social media monitoring / telegram support, whatever might be open to consideration. Id like very much to play any part of the teams future development plans. Simply let me know.

Additionally, wondering still - as in my post. Is it possible that you might know of any working instance currently in production mode, deployed to the web - for the ( Morarable made ) NFT platform?

Great to hear you want to join us! :mage:

If you have the right skills we are happy to work with you. When you see a job opening that matches your skills, please apply. You can see our job openings here:

We have the Moralis Discord Channel ( There are a lot of devs with nice projects under development or already released.

Best regards
Dmitry :man_mechanic: