Little problems with Dex


I’ve got some questions about the Dex tutorial on youtube.
I found 1 line, looks like its for the ‘searchbar’.
const searchBox = document.querySelector(".search-box input");

I put already a simple searchbar in the openModal.
I can type in the searchbar but its not working.
How can i get it working? for example;

When people click on ‘select token’, a popup shows up. This is the openmodal with the searchbar and a big list of tokens.
The function i would like to call on this point, is when people want to search a token, and start typing, that the list is filtered by the letters or word they type.
It looks like i need to filter the list by type in the search bar, but i cannot get the list to filter (token list)
This was question 1.

Question 2;
I see at 1inch, that they have a ‘MAX’ button. I make the button, but when i click nothing shows up.
The function what need to happen when the user click the button, is that it automaticly shows the maximum tokens what they have in their wallet, ofcourse with the selected token from ‘token select’.

When i load the page, the metamask pop-up shows automaticcly, when i click on ‘connect to metamask’ button, nothing happens. Even when i disconnect, and want to reconnect to metamask nothing happens.

@admins nobody what can help me ?

What do you mean by “I put already a simple searchbar in the openModal.”?
I believe you need to use a simple vanilla js .filter to look up your token.

You must use isAuthenticated to get this work.