Listen to specific contract not working

We are getting other NFTs from the user address in our database, and we already set it ot listen to a specific contract, but it is still not working.

you mean it is not working to sync an event for that smart contract?

can you give more details?

The Sync Is working but its not filtering my contract it brings also other contracts.

you mean sync address or sync smart contract events?

The smart contract events

ok, strange, as in events you specify a specific smart contract address, can you give more details about the event and smart contract address?

also server subdomain

The event is the registry of the bought of an NFT of the user, we have de owners according to the address of our NFTS

To check we need address of smart contract, event topic and server url

Contract NFT

Its not exactly the Sync event Is the Sync address in our tablet bscNFTOwners we want only the NFTs with that address

We don’t have this functionality now to sync the address of a nft smart contract to populate bscNftOwners. You could sync the transfer event for that smart contract and do separate processing to get the owners, or you could use web3api to get the owners of a smart contract.

Can you explain me the functionality of the field “Sync and watch address”, does it work for what i want?

that will not do what you need, it will sync all the transactions for that address, and also all the NFTs, but that is for when that address will own an NFT, a smart contract that is used for minting NFTs doesn’t own those NFTs.

Ok, so what can i do to do what i need?
Getting the nfts for muy specific smart contract at the moment the transaction Is made

you could use getNFTOwners:

or getAllTokenIds:

or if you are interested in a combination of address and token_address then you can use getNFTsForContract: