Limited when using Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs

Hi, I need to query specific addresses but getting Too many token addresses! error.

Is there another solution to get NFTs of a certain address but only for specific collections?

Try getnftsforcontract. You can pass both wallet address and contract address as parameters.

Well I need more than one token address. I want to do one query for multiple token addresses but when using 11 token addresses I’m getting this error.

It works fine with 10? Maybe 10 is the limit and you can make multiple requests with 10 each

yeah, but I don’t want to query multiple times…

Are the devs see this forum and can maybe give their input?

There has to be a limit. How many contract addresses do you use?

Can get to 20-50. Doesn’t seem like a crazy limit tbh

You can propose that on

hmm ok. thanks. still would love to hear from the engineers

Can you give an exact example of a call you make that results in “Too many token addresses”?


return await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs({
            format: "decimal",
            address: "0xB618aaCb9DcDc21Ca69D310A6fC04674D293A193",
            chain: "eth",

Where token_addresses are: