Limited API Fetch Data

Hi admin,

I made simple app using python to retrieve related wallet address based on native transaction using API.

Using free account, several days ago my app was able to pull more around 250 address, while yesterday and today it only able to pull not more than 10 wallet.

I did not make any change on the code.

I did upgrade to Level 2 to see the changes, but no change yet.

Looking forward your response. Thank you!

Hi, how do you get that wallet data?

from native transaction, Account get/{address}

Ok, now I know what API function you use, what it means when you say Total related wallet: 248. what is that 248 number?

it simply from/to address response. I store the wallet data and count it.

I don’t think that you hit a limit, did you save previous wallet addresses from when you had 248? can you give an example of one that was previously present and it is now missing?

hi there, i did not save previous wallet address, just print the count.

i run check other wallet address and turns out the same, that the app could not pull as many as wallet address as previously.

is this related to Moralis server upgrade?

I shouldn’t be related to the upgrade, but I don’t know how to test it either, if you check your address in etherscan (or the particular chain you are using) you see more transactions than what Moralis returns?

Hi, it probably has nothing to do with Moralis, instead the inconsistency probably caused by congested network itself. I do not know the details, but when gas fee is higher the app tends to skip some commands and as a result the output might be different when gas fee is lower.

I don’t think that you should pay gas to get that information from blockchain. And calling account get/{address} should work fine. On what chain are you extracting that data?
There is also pagination to take in consideration for that output.

hi there, i am extracting from bsc. it is solved now, thank you.