Limitations of pinning service

Hey guys I’m curious to know what are the limitations of the pinning service?

I already secured my app to only allow posts with 8MB max, so when I eventually get 10million posts and 1TB of uploaded content, you guys still pinning it?

Asking this because I would like to make sure content doesn’t get lost after X amount of time.

Thanks in advance.

from what I know current limitation is that the files uploaded to IPFS will be pinned as long as you have a Moralis account

Ok that’s amazing.

I’ll be on a paid plan for sure. So I assume, that even if that changes for the free tiers, I’ll always have that feature.

I’m still treating the IPFS pinning server like they were my own servers and I’m optimizing it to use as little space as possible.

The only thing that’s left is how can I delete a file from the pinning server? My users might delete their posts, so that file should be unpinned from the IPFS server.