Like to remove Moralis DB Roles


i need to remove these role:coreservices and make it to Public read + write

i deleted the Roles still this thing persist

how do i remove it?

You may not want to remove those coreservices roles, they sound like they are related to an improvement that we are working on. What do you want to make public read write? What is the problem that you are having now with those roles?

I deleted it already

what should i do?

Also the ACL != Public Read + write the data is not fetching in our UI

Please help

only current user data should be available to fetch without using master key, you can use master key in a cloud function and it will bypass ACLs.

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itโ€™s like deleting windows32 folder :sweat_smile:

its a new update we are making restructuring how Moralis works which will make it waay more efficient

Well! its gone now :hot_face:

what can we do?

what is the problem that you have now, what doesnโ€™t work?

everythings working fine

but i deleted the roles i hope there will be no problems henceforth

ok, then you should be fine, that coreservices role may reappear in you db, you donโ€™t have to delete it if it reappears

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