Lazy minting on my own marketplace

Is there a way to lazymint on your own marketplace? I know there is the rarible lazymint, but how would I do that for mine?

Can I use the rarible and link to NFTs on my market?
Can I sell them on my marketplace?


you may also try to implement lazy minting, you keep only in db the information for that NFT and you mint it only later

Could you elaborate a bit more on that solution? Can I save the information just in a class like “listNFTMetadata”, read the information from that class to show the “listed NFTs” on the website, and if someone wants to mint the NFT I use the information in the database for the Mint Function? If that’s so correct, can you point me in the right direction how to get the data from moralis DB in react for the mint function?

in react you can use normal js syntax:

or react hooks:

Great, thank you very much!