Lazy Minting Nfts on Polygon Blockchain

Hi Moralis Community,
I am new o moralis ecosystem and working on making NFT marketplace where users will be able to lazy mint NFT using polygon blockchain and we will showcase those NFTs on our site. My question is that is there any plugin which can be used to mint NFT on polygon blockchain? Rarible and opensea plugin only support ethereum network.

I think that opensea supports polygon too, on polygon in particular the gas fees are not so big as on eth and lazy minting may not matter so much as on eth.

@cryptokid thanks for quick reply. I have checked opensee plugin but it only supports ethereum main and test network. as you can see in attached screenshot and link to plugin is here

yes, the opensea plugin doesn’t work on eth mainnet without an api key either

I wanted to say that opensea in general may support polygon, not the plugin in particular

You Can try this
It supports any EVM-compatible blockchain such as Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and other such chains.