Last_metadata_sync: null for NFTs

I am using the code below-

const options = {
            address: "0x71A140Fb984a37300c7B589BDE0fa55097a6e872",
            chain: "mumbai",
        const nftData = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getAllTokenIds(options);

It returns me the object in this format-

amount: "1"
block_number_minted: "27255232"
contract_type: "ERC1155"
last_metadata_sync: null
last_token_uri_sync: "2022-07-20T09:55:59.173Z"
metadata: null
name: "Musixverse"
symbol: "MXV"
token_address: "0x71a140fb984a37300c7b589bde0fa55097a6e872"
token_hash: "e863283dda83fe05a734dc65e680bdb2"
token_id: "1"
token_uri: ""
updated_at: null

The metadata is null. Also, last_metadata_sync is null. Can anyone tell me why?

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it looks like it works now, maybe it took a little more time for metadata to be synced

No. I had to manually run reSyncMetadata. Then it worked

I created 2 more NFTs now. Again it’s showing the metadata: null for them

I can see the metadata now for token ids 2 and 3 too

There are 6 in total. Metadata for 5 and 6 isn’t available

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it looks like it is available now for those token ids too

can you try to mint new nfts to see if it is still happens?