Lacking Experience with Life Changing Project

Thank you for including us, Moralis. We are impressed with the tools and platform and intend to stay for the remainder of our project. We intend to shake things up and go after the market with NFTs in a way that I haven’t seen done before. We intend to humanize them and employ them in such a way that we will be in every home within the next 24 months. We do, however, require some additional team members. If somebody is in between projects or has free time and wants to talk to us about it, that would be fantastic. I can be reached at [email protected].

The most critical aspect is that we require a leader to lead us the rest of the way. I’m completely aware of my limits, and the partners are all busy with their own businesses and lack the requisite blockchain skills to launch this. I’d rather not sabotage such a terrific initiative by pretending to be “Mr. Know-it-All” when I’m not qualified to manage this team. I’m familiar with blockchain technology, but not with leading a project that has the potential to become viral the day we launch.