Kovan speedynode missing events from our smart contract


We are evaluating speedynodes on Kovan but it seems like we’re missing the events for our smart contract.

We’re using the https provider.


Can you give more details?
what you mean by missing the events, all the events are missing?

Yes almost all events from the contract are not coming through. This is the contract address: 0x7b316cd89bc331143762edf391dc48cd982ff490

it looks like https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/0x7b316cd89bc331143762edf391dc48cd982ff490/logs?chain=kovan returns only 35 logs.

it looks like some transactions are missing, like 0xd8c317547410283dde3d8cdd7663dc231b7feae1a76d8359875dfd532e6d3592

Can you advise here @cryptokid ? Is there anything we can do?

I think that we will have to check first to see if it is a problem on our side.

Okay thanks we will also try this on BSC testnet and Polygon mumbai. But please let us know asap if it gets fixed because we’re interested in using speedynodes for our new version of our smart contract

Hello we also tried with Polygon mumbai and BSC testnet, same problems.

polygon: 0x1f37892605439062c4eC2BB46f62ebCAD98B23B5
bsc: 0xd4C9d4dE03d6e7d59084161B7Ad8CB285e6De400

on mumbai I see only 2 logs instead of 3 with https://deep-index.moralis.io/api/v2/0x1f37892605439062c4eC2BB46f62ebCAD98B23B5/logs?chain=mumbai

this is the same behaviour that you see?

Actually didnt see any logs from our end

what is the code that you are using to get those logs?

  sync(fromBlock: number): Array<Event> {
      `NETWORK: ${this.network} - EVNT: Syncing old events from block `,
    return this.contract
      .getPastEvents("allEvents", { fromBlock: fromBlock })
      .then((events: any) => {
          `NETWORK: ${this.network} - EVNT: Events captured | `,
        return events;
      .catch((err: Error) => {
          `NETWORK: ${this.network} - EVNT: Error in EventService when syncing old events | `,