JS files on server would not update when deploying

Since i started to use the nitro beta there is strange behavior on servers which are not nitro. What i see is that deploy to the server does not update all the files. For example my main.js would not change if i deploy or even undeplopy and then redeploy. What i need to do every time i have to make a change to the main.js is to create a new file main[number].js and them redirect the HTML . Files which have been removed and deleted also seems to be sticky and are not removed from the server… possible issue with all JS files ??

the problem may be on the browser that is caching the files, you can try to download the files directly to see if are updated

This is not cache related as i see it with different browsers.

Files which have been removed are still on the server and i can call them and download them. In addition the files which should have been updated have not.

Example. I created main.js , needed to make changes. Made changes saved file locally and then deployed. The file on the server did not update. I can see the file , download the file and it has the old content… to be able to work i renamed the local file to main1.js and then deployed. Now the server have the new main1.js but it does not remove the main.js , not when i deploy and when i undeploy and redeploy the main.js is still on the server . I can access it and download it.

Ok, you say that undeploy doesn’t delete the files from server?

correct , and it seems to be affecting JS files only . Also this issue exist with all my servers

I’m also experiencing this issue. Not fixet yet?

didn’t check it yet, so it is not fixed yet

I tested now on a nitro beta server and everything works as expected, maybe there is a cloudflare cache that makes that possible problem

you could use the trick with script.js?o=6 to try to force the update

The issue is on the servers which are not nitro.
Also please explain: “you could use the trick with script.js?o=6 to try to force the update”

if you have script.js in your code, that is the older version, you could try to force to get the new version with that syntax

Same issue here. JS files are not updating.

it should be only a caching problem, because there is caching in cloudflare

Thanks. Just tested…JS files are actually updated now (I tried to update them yesterday). Maybe it was a caching problem.